Mike He Naked in Photobook

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The former model made ​​the biggest breakthrough in his showbiz career, appearing naked in the photobook, which won a heated debate of his fans even before it was released. On 19 September, Mike He reveals some preview pictures of the photobook, which shows him lying in bed naked, and covered her crotch with a small book.

Commenting on the latest breakthroughs, Mike He stated that he wanted to capture that perfect side and share with his fans, when he was in the best condition. That is why the concept of image in photobooknya is 'sexy'.

Actor 27 years is also hoping that people will see it from the point of artistic photobook, instead of focusing on the body or the level of nudity contained in it. During the reveal 'Sexy Photo', Mike He stressed, "The book that I use (to cover) is wide open."

When asked about mandatory military duty, Mike He deviate from the topic and said he was confident that he is an artist with the highest school attendance rates. He stressed that the agency's management will try not to schedule work on those days when he had class, so he does not have to worry to miss school.

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