Startup Faster Windows 8

The high start-up time required by a personal computer before they can be effectively used.

Google+: Video Chat with New Features

The battle between Google and Facebook continues....

New Tablet from Sony: the S and P

The tablet coming are two: the S and P whose photographs of the devices have been available for months together in more or less official specifications.

American Reunion in April 2012

American Reunion will be released on our screens in April 2012.

Vocre, New iPhone App for Travelers

Posted On 9/26/2011 10:56:00 AM

The communication between travelers and local people in some countries can be very difficult because of language barriers very strong, sometimes even for the simple request for information.

But at Apple have thought of that, developing a new iPhone application called Vocre, which allows users to translate their voice in a foreign language.

Regarding Andrew Lauder, founder and CEO of myLanguage, service on which the application is based, said: 'it's like asking a friend to instantly translate a certain phrase'.

It is also not merely a matter of vocabulary, expressions, and slang, but also ways to say certain areas (often the dictionaries bring expressions into disuse or too informal).

The application uses the iPhone's accelerometer as the source for input, so that users do not need to touch the screen, but just take the phone in a location for the recording and then move to another to give the translation to the device.

MotoGP: Rossi and Track at Motegi

Posted On 9/26/2011 10:23:00 AM

The thorny issue of the Japan trip, because of recent events surrounding the accident in Fukushima, has come to an epilogue: Valentino Rossi has said that it will take part in the Japanese GP this weekend, even after further investigations carried out privately on the new danger of a trip like this. Valentino was the first to oppose and the last to fall.

Of course, even if he probably also had better luck on the track, would have greater bargaining power, the fact remains that the drivers were, once again, divided as separate grains of rice: enough is a breath of wind from mom Honda .Monopoly Honda 
"Go down the track at Motegi. All tests were negative, so yeah, I'll be there. It seems to me that the situation of radiation is not too preccupante here, I am sure of my idea to go there now you have to be crazy, but ... not so much that we have no choice ... and then I will go. " 
Here then we bend to the will of Honda, and all that anything can get. 
"We tried something different on the bike to improve the feeling with the front and change of direction. Last time I was faster and confidence has increased significantly, so now we look forward confidently. " Rossi said in response to numerous questions about the aluminum frame used on the new Ducati 2012 - "The Ducati philosophy remains the same. The front is slightly different and is made of aluminum, not carbon fiber as before. We must continue to work to gather more information. The times were reduced with aluminum, but it is only the first step. We will continue on this road to return to fight with the first, the 1000 has made me faster, - That said - I hope the same is also on the 800. " 
What we think is that one manufacturer should not have so many threads in the hands of an entire world: In addition to field 6 MotoGP (which will be well for the Grand Prix of Motegi 8), the Japanese also has the exclusive league of Moto2 for the supply of engines, was practically forced to go to the 125 class 4-stroke with Moto3, has 2 circuits of the circus world and, notoriously, follow all the Japanese manufacturers, flag, decisions of the house that is dominating the MotoGP Championship , with 4 bikes. 
In fact it is she who has repeatedly "saved" a world championship that was supposed to hand sink. We have repeatedly argued that it is more than a dead man walking to a championship in crisis. 
There has been entrusted to Honda as well as in times of crisis, in Rome, there was assigned to Caesar, who, however, once the danger that threatened her, never returns the power.

Norton Security 2012 for Android

Posted On 9/23/2011 03:15:00 AM

To protect consumers in a variety of locations, platforms, devices and digital experiences, presenting Symantec Norton Internet Security and Norton Anti Virus 2012. The product is claimed to support mobile devices and tablets, both the Android platform and the iOS.

"The last few years, the number of devices, platforms and applications explode, the need to be protected from cyber crime too great," said Janice Chaffin, Group President of Symantec's Consumer Business Unit.

Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security 2012, Chaffin claims, offers the security that goes beyond the traditional Internet security, namely the ability to find your laptop or your Android device which lost or was stolen.

"Norton Security 2012 is also equipped with security locks, including Identy Norton Safe in The Cloud that protects personal and financial information," said Chaffin. "He was also able to maintain the security of the web fake, can store passwords in clouds, and can be accessed from any PC that has been installed Norton Security 2012," he said.

Security when users download from the internet is provided by feature Download the Insight that checks each file to be downloaded. With Sonar, users can monitor the applications running to quickly detect suspicious behavior and disable it.

Google Maps, Appreciate for South Sudan

Posted On 9/23/2011 02:57:00 AM

Google has separated the Southern Sudan from Sudan on Google Maps page. This step is not because of the insistence of South Sudan's government - which is now the world's newest nation status - rather than demand for Internet visitors. page manager revealed that they have the support of more than 1,600 visitors to urge Google to create new maps of Sudan, who have to share territory with a new state, South Sudan. The country is formally sovereign on July 9, 2011 after almost 99% of participants agreed to a referendum in the breakaway region of Sudan.

"The entry of South Sudan will give pride and a sense of nationhood for the people in the country as a recognized sovereign state in the map," said an originator named John Mabusu. Six weeks after his home was asked to become an independent state, a journalist who lives in Washington DC launched a petition on the page Southern Sudan in order to map displayed on the Internet.

Mabusu with his colleagues asked Google, which is a leading Internet information company in the world. Mabusu and his colleagues won the support of more than 1,600 visitors to convince Google Incidentally Google has a page of information maps, Google Maps.

"I hope that Google officially recognize South Sudan to showing maps of this country. Hopefully this is also followed by other pages. The people of South Sudan has been fought and suffered for the sake of independence. So now it's time to appreciate their struggle," he said in a statement Mabusu writing via email.

Yahoo, Microsoft, and National Geographic Map of Sudan is still not showing on their information page.

Mike He Naked in Photobook

Posted On 9/22/2011 05:19:00 AM

The former model made ​​the biggest breakthrough in his showbiz career, appearing naked in the photobook, which won a heated debate of his fans even before it was released. On 19 September, Mike He reveals some preview pictures of the photobook, which shows him lying in bed naked, and covered her crotch with a small book.

Commenting on the latest breakthroughs, Mike He stated that he wanted to capture that perfect side and share with his fans, when he was in the best condition. That is why the concept of image in photobooknya is 'sexy'.

Actor 27 years is also hoping that people will see it from the point of artistic photobook, instead of focusing on the body or the level of nudity contained in it. During the reveal 'Sexy Photo', Mike He stressed, "The book that I use (to cover) is wide open."

When asked about mandatory military duty, Mike He deviate from the topic and said he was confident that he is an artist with the highest school attendance rates. He stressed that the agency's management will try not to schedule work on those days when he had class, so he does not have to worry to miss school.

The Land of Avatars in Orlando

Posted On 9/22/2011 04:29:00 AM

Movie lovers who missed the nearby moon of Pandora in the film James Cameron's "Avatar" will finally get a chance to observe them in the real world. 

Walt Disney Co. in collaboration with Oscar-winning director and unit of News Corp., Fox Filmed Entertainment, will make the artificial green lush landscape depicted in the most expensive film in history, in a corner of the park in Orlando Florida. 

Under their agreement, Disney theme park wins copyright to the franchise "Avatar". This park will begin construction in 2013 and will eventually become the "land" Avatars in Disney World, Orlando. 

"Our goal is to transcend the boundaries of technical innovation and the narration of experience that now exists, and provide park visitors the opportunity to see, hear and touch the world of 'Avatar' with the impression of reality that never happened before," Cameron said. 

In a news conference, Mr Cameron said while talking with Disney desains he suddenly realized their vision in this matter goes far beyond what he imagined. 

Orlando project value is estimated at 400 million U.S. dollars, while its construction took five years. 

The design was in its early stages, while the executives gave few details about how your fantasy world created another Disney "Avatar" and the creatures that meninggalinya. The new part of this park will be in Disney's Animal Kingdom Park. 

"Avatar," the 2009 film which tells the struggle of man against alien invaders Na'vi greedy, rake in a gross profit of 3 billion U.S. dollars and trigger enlightenment in the manufacture of three-dimensional film that is now rife. 

Cameron was designing a sequel-sequel to the film's best-selling which also surpassed the previous film "Titanic" as the best selling movie of all time. 

The first sequel to "Avatar" will be released around Christmas 2014, said Cameron.
Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger said the company planned to bring the "Avatar" to another location outside of Florida Parks. 

Disney is involved in several large theme park projects, such as Shanghai Parks and an additional 12 acres in the park California for a new park inspired by the animated film "Cars". 

Usually Disney film based on the current production build theme parks and roads.

Prostate Cancer Pill

Posted On 9/21/2011 09:00:00 AM

(UKPA) A life-prolonging prostate cancer pill has been officially launched in the UK but has yet to be made widely available to NHS patients.

Abiraterone acetate, marketed under the trade name Zytiga, has been shown to extend the lives of men with advanced prostate cancer.

It received a European Union licence two weeks ago, making it a legal medicine in the UK, but in practice it has only just become accessible to patients.

The drug works by blocking the generation of testosterone in all tissues, including cancer tumours. The male sex hormone fuels the growth and spread of prostate cancer.

A Phase III trial of 2,000 men with advanced disease showed that patients given the one-a-day pill lived 15.8 months on average compared with 11.2 months for those taking a placebo "dummy" drug.
Abiraterone was developed by British researchers at the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) and the Royal Marsden Hospital.

Professor Alan Ashworth, chief executive of the ICR in London, said: "This drug will make a significant impact on the treatment of men suffering advanced prostate cancer.

"Abiraterone acetate gives doctors another important treatment option and we hope that it will play a part in one day turning prostate cancer into a chronic, rather than life-threatening, disease."

Professor Johan de Bono, from the ICR, who co-led the Phase III trial, said: "There are only a small handful of drugs available that can extend life for men with advanced prostate cancer.
"Clinical trials have proven that abiraterone acetate can not only prolong life, but in some men it can improve their quality of life. This offers hope to the thousands of men each year whose cancer stops responding to standard hormone treatments and chemotherapy."