The Land of Avatars in Orlando

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Movie lovers who missed the nearby moon of Pandora in the film James Cameron's "Avatar" will finally get a chance to observe them in the real world. 

Walt Disney Co. in collaboration with Oscar-winning director and unit of News Corp., Fox Filmed Entertainment, will make the artificial green lush landscape depicted in the most expensive film in history, in a corner of the park in Orlando Florida. 

Under their agreement, Disney theme park wins copyright to the franchise "Avatar". This park will begin construction in 2013 and will eventually become the "land" Avatars in Disney World, Orlando. 

"Our goal is to transcend the boundaries of technical innovation and the narration of experience that now exists, and provide park visitors the opportunity to see, hear and touch the world of 'Avatar' with the impression of reality that never happened before," Cameron said. 

In a news conference, Mr Cameron said while talking with Disney desains he suddenly realized their vision in this matter goes far beyond what he imagined. 

Orlando project value is estimated at 400 million U.S. dollars, while its construction took five years. 

The design was in its early stages, while the executives gave few details about how your fantasy world created another Disney "Avatar" and the creatures that meninggalinya. The new part of this park will be in Disney's Animal Kingdom Park. 

"Avatar," the 2009 film which tells the struggle of man against alien invaders Na'vi greedy, rake in a gross profit of 3 billion U.S. dollars and trigger enlightenment in the manufacture of three-dimensional film that is now rife. 

Cameron was designing a sequel-sequel to the film's best-selling which also surpassed the previous film "Titanic" as the best selling movie of all time. 

The first sequel to "Avatar" will be released around Christmas 2014, said Cameron.
Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger said the company planned to bring the "Avatar" to another location outside of Florida Parks. 

Disney is involved in several large theme park projects, such as Shanghai Parks and an additional 12 acres in the park California for a new park inspired by the animated film "Cars". 

Usually Disney film based on the current production build theme parks and roads.

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