Google Maps, Appreciate for South Sudan

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Google has separated the Southern Sudan from Sudan on Google Maps page. This step is not because of the insistence of South Sudan's government - which is now the world's newest nation status - rather than demand for Internet visitors. page manager revealed that they have the support of more than 1,600 visitors to urge Google to create new maps of Sudan, who have to share territory with a new state, South Sudan. The country is formally sovereign on July 9, 2011 after almost 99% of participants agreed to a referendum in the breakaway region of Sudan.

"The entry of South Sudan will give pride and a sense of nationhood for the people in the country as a recognized sovereign state in the map," said an originator named John Mabusu. Six weeks after his home was asked to become an independent state, a journalist who lives in Washington DC launched a petition on the page Southern Sudan in order to map displayed on the Internet.

Mabusu with his colleagues asked Google, which is a leading Internet information company in the world. Mabusu and his colleagues won the support of more than 1,600 visitors to convince Google Incidentally Google has a page of information maps, Google Maps.

"I hope that Google officially recognize South Sudan to showing maps of this country. Hopefully this is also followed by other pages. The people of South Sudan has been fought and suffered for the sake of independence. So now it's time to appreciate their struggle," he said in a statement Mabusu writing via email.

Yahoo, Microsoft, and National Geographic Map of Sudan is still not showing on their information page.

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