Vocre, New iPhone App for Travelers

9/26/2011 10:56:00 AM | , , ,

The communication between travelers and local people in some countries can be very difficult because of language barriers very strong, sometimes even for the simple request for information.

But at Apple have thought of that, developing a new iPhone application called Vocre, which allows users to translate their voice in a foreign language.

Regarding Andrew Lauder, founder and CEO of myLanguage, service on which the application is based, said: 'it's like asking a friend to instantly translate a certain phrase'.

It is also not merely a matter of vocabulary, expressions, and slang, but also ways to say certain areas (often the dictionaries bring expressions into disuse or too informal).

The application uses the iPhone's accelerometer as the source for input, so that users do not need to touch the screen, but just take the phone in a location for the recording and then move to another to give the translation to the device.

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