MotoGP: Rossi and Track at Motegi

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The thorny issue of the Japan trip, because of recent events surrounding the accident in Fukushima, has come to an epilogue: Valentino Rossi has said that it will take part in the Japanese GP this weekend, even after further investigations carried out privately on the new danger of a trip like this. Valentino was the first to oppose and the last to fall.

Of course, even if he probably also had better luck on the track, would have greater bargaining power, the fact remains that the drivers were, once again, divided as separate grains of rice: enough is a breath of wind from mom Honda .Monopoly Honda 
"Go down the track at Motegi. All tests were negative, so yeah, I'll be there. It seems to me that the situation of radiation is not too preccupante here, I am sure of my idea to go there now you have to be crazy, but ... not so much that we have no choice ... and then I will go. " 
Here then we bend to the will of Honda, and all that anything can get. 
"We tried something different on the bike to improve the feeling with the front and change of direction. Last time I was faster and confidence has increased significantly, so now we look forward confidently. " Rossi said in response to numerous questions about the aluminum frame used on the new Ducati 2012 - "The Ducati philosophy remains the same. The front is slightly different and is made of aluminum, not carbon fiber as before. We must continue to work to gather more information. The times were reduced with aluminum, but it is only the first step. We will continue on this road to return to fight with the first, the 1000 has made me faster, - That said - I hope the same is also on the 800. " 
What we think is that one manufacturer should not have so many threads in the hands of an entire world: In addition to field 6 MotoGP (which will be well for the Grand Prix of Motegi 8), the Japanese also has the exclusive league of Moto2 for the supply of engines, was practically forced to go to the 125 class 4-stroke with Moto3, has 2 circuits of the circus world and, notoriously, follow all the Japanese manufacturers, flag, decisions of the house that is dominating the MotoGP Championship , with 4 bikes. 
In fact it is she who has repeatedly "saved" a world championship that was supposed to hand sink. We have repeatedly argued that it is more than a dead man walking to a championship in crisis. 
There has been entrusted to Honda as well as in times of crisis, in Rome, there was assigned to Caesar, who, however, once the danger that threatened her, never returns the power.

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