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The battle between Google and Facebook continues. Two days after the developer conference that Mark Zuckerberg's social network is expected to announce a new service 'Music' and then aspire to become a platform for entertainment, Mountain View, temporarily takes the stage announcing the opening not only to all of Plus, the social network launched in late June in which up to now could only be accessed by invitation, but also new features including chat by phone rather than just the PC.

The Hangouts, so called, will also feature "live" stream type, which opens this Wednesday already with, lead singer of Black Eyed Peas. The news was revealed by the giant of the web through a post on his official blog. So, after 12 weeks since launch invitations are no longer needed to access Google +. The phase of 'field trial', it served "to listen a lot to learn", for "improvements" but "we are very far from having completed our task," he writes on the Google post.

The social network is, therefore, in beta, or test and everyone can "visit / +, participate in the project and connect with the people they care about." Currently there are no official data on access to social networks, but this move of the opening to the general public should increase the number of visits that gave some blogs specialize in decline. Another great news for the social network is the possibility of extending the 'Hangouts’ from pc to phone.

The video chat is one of the pearls that had marked its launch in Plus (and in fact Facebook was running for cover after announcing a task in cooperation with Skype) and is widely used by social network users who will now have the opportunity to regain their circle of friends in the video, even on the phone. The "Hangouts" on mobile devices, Android 2.3 and higher supports photo and video cameras: the application is already available on the Android Market (soon will be for Apple's iPhone OS).

Another bonus, 'Hangouts’ will also be in direct, thus comparable to a 'stream' (a function more 'public' one to one). Once 'on the air, they can actively participate in up to nine people (as in the standard version), but anyone can watch the live. Finally, you can share your vacation photos, draw (function Sketchpad), working in groups on projects of business (Google Docs). "We will start with a limited number of users authorized to transmit Hangouts- says Google - but any user can tune into Google +".

And there's already a mini-Venetian: the first Hangouts will live with, lead singer of Black Eyed Peas, at 18:00 on Wednesday, September 21 (4:00 Italian time). On Hangouts, then, Mountain View, stimulates creativity of its users by requiring developers who want to create new applications and games to participate thanks to the information they find on Google Blog + Platform. Finally, Google's core business comes + in Mountain View, research. "They were a lot of people ask us, we are committed - says the official post -. Just type what you want to find in the research and will return all relevant results and post on persons, but also popular content on the web. " All the latest news about Google + are

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