[Article] Watching TV Can Shorten your life

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During this time, television is considered to be the primary home entertainment medium. However, too much television could actually reduce your age. This conclusion is derived from a study conducted in Australia.

The study, later published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine states, each an hour watching television may reduce the age by 22 minutes, for people aged over 25 years.

Dr Lenner Veerman, one of the authors of the journal, then said, watching television has reduced the risk of the same age with smoking and obesity. "When the age is reduced by smoking decreased, but not so with watching TV, which has the impact to the population level," said Veerman, who are also researchers from the University of Queensland.

Last year, Australian study shows, an hour of TV viewing a risk of early death increased to 8 percent.

"We conducted the study and then we translate that life expectancy in Australia depends on how long we watch TV," says Veerman.

Australia Community average watch TV for two hours a day. This causes a reduced life expectancy at birth of 1.8 years for males and 1.5 years for women, according to the study.

Too much sitting (in front of the television), and lack of exercise indeed been associated with an increased risk of death. "Logically, we know that physical activity is good for health. Certainly less exercise is not good for health," says Veerman.

The study was also made based on surveys and observations made since the year 1999 - 2000 by the participants as much as 11 thousand people, aged over 25 years.Participants then reported how long they watch television and videos, as the main activity. This does not include watching TV while ironing or cooking.

Research then showed a person who watch TV more than six hours a day had a reduced age of 4.8 years, compared to the money not watch TV.

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