New Tablet from Sony: the S and P

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Even Sony's road test of the tablet and we test with largest deployment of forces as shown by the press conference in which the Japanese company has launched its gauntlet to the iPad. During the event, which took place in Berlin in the context of the preparatory days, and IFA has participated in Macitynet afternoon, it was up on stage Sir Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony in person to which the sign of the importance assigned to new products, was assigned the task of presenting the new strategy which will be entrusted with the relaunch of the Sony brand in Europe and the world regarding the field of mobile multimedia.
The tablet coming are two: the S and P whose photographs of the devices have been available for months together in more or less official specifications.
After you have made contact with the Tablet P were impressed with the form factor for the original and unusual clamshell with two 5.5-inch screens that can be used independently, for example to display the keyboard on the screen down and the fields filling or the document you're working on the top screen. Instead, while browsing on the internet offering paired two screens work a larger viewing area. Initial impressions are good: even in the small and foldable P Tablet Nvidia Tegra processor dual-core 1GHz and 512MB of RAM provide a rapid response to user commands. Also noteworthy are the times of loading and displaying web pages. For fans of reading the Tablet, Sony P is interesting both for portability when closed can be stored in the pocket of his jacket, and for the good of the double screen that allows you to view two pages side by side stood.
The same views on the performance for the dual-screen Tablet P also apply to the older brother Tablet Sony S. In this model, but the screen resolution 1280x800pixel offers unique colors and images even more spectacular. The speed of response and instant display of web pages are too complex, perhaps even slightly higher than the P Tablet: the embedded processor is the same but the model Tegra Dual Core P integrates with double the memory to 1GB of RAM.
In addition to caring for design, hardware and functions of Sony executives also emphasized improvements for the app with an underlying market, but clear reference to Apple. According to Sony executives of their own app store will be less dispersive tablet, allow users to spend less time searching for the app to have fun and focus on the content and functions. The Tablet, Sony PlayStation Certified: that will allow you to play several games of the immense park with PlayStation, will also be able to access and view all the books the shop Sony Reader.
In short, the initial impressions of the new tablet interface hardware and Sony are more convincing that even if the product "convincing" in recent years of trade shows and events we have seen a lot but the initial impression was not followed by a successful market as the history of the touchpad, in our opinion one of the best competitors in the market for iPad never seen but which was withdrawn from sale in less than a month since launch.
The acid test will be measuring customer satisfaction with their choices of the potential sale of the tablet. The Model S will be available in late September in Europe from 479 euros, while the Sony P Tablet comes in November to 599 euros.

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